Vision :

Mission Statement

To remain a premiere insurance company that is widely admired and which can generate attractive profits throughout an indefinite lifespan.

Why do we exist

Our core purpose is to contribute in improving people's quality of life by providing highly efficient risk transfer mechanisms at equitable cost. People will remain at all times exposed to complex and changing risk environments and therefore we will always have much work to do.

How to succeed:

It is of paramount importance that we reveal trust to our clients and that our practices are guided by integrity. (Go the last mile to do things right and an extra mile to exceed customer expectations)

It is our duty to assist our clients achieve a realistic peace of mind and financial loss control

Our employees are essential in shaping the good image of our company and we must continuously develop their potential to do so. They should live with dignity and share our beliefs and sense of duty to our clients. They must feel that their work has the potential of serving their ambitions (respect personal initiatives) and they should share in the success which their work made possible

Our sales intermediaries and reinsurers are our good partners. They bring in most valuable contributions to the success of our business

We have a duty to our society and we must pay our fair share of taxes

We have a duty to our shareholders to provide attractive returns

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