1- Business Issues

Placed in competition with 52 licensed local and international insurance companies operating in Lebanon.

The Company has secured in 2013:

- 3.91% share of the USD 983 million Non Life insurance market

The Company has secured in 2012:

- 3.64% share of the USD 938 million Non Life insurance market

- 0.28% share of the USD 381 million Life insurance market

- 2.67% overall market share out USD 1319 million in Lebanon

2- Future Outlook

Guided by our corporate Vision, AL MASHREK remains committed to provide its Customers with most efficient quality of service. In this sense, the company is ISO 9001-2008 certified since November 2007 for the "Design & Provision of Insurance Services".

“AL MASHREK” strategy seeks to expand operations in Lebanon and in other potentially profitable jurisdictions.

On the Local scene, the company will be working to increase its sales by promoting:

1. its Client and Business Providers relations
2. its Life insurance resources

On the territorial level, AL MASHERK has been seeking to make best use from its comparative advantage as being among the oldest private insurance companies in the Arab region that are accustomed to operate within a jurisdiction open to international competition.

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