To our Stakeholders,

The business year 2009 produced positive results and I am proud to report that during this year, "AL MASHREK" has succeeded in significantly promoting its corporate goodwill and in increasing its turnover by 19.7%.

The company's financial statements at the 2009 year end will also reveal that growth was coupled with AL MASHREK's tradition of maintaining technical profits and in acquiring a high quality portfolio at sustainable costs. Return on Equity (ROE) reached 11.8%

To that end, "AL MASHREK" acknowledges the relentless efforts of its staff and management in promoting the Quality Culture within the institution during all circumstances thereby enhancing customer loyalty.

The company's success could not have been achieved without the active support of its most valuable partners: our Reinsurers, our Brokers & Agents and our Clients to whom we remain grateful.

We have high hopes and commitments for the years 2010 onwards. We plan to further consolidate our position within the Lebanese insurance market and we reiterate our conviction in the spirit and contents of our corporate Vision which will guide our future path to distinction.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am convinced that "AL MASHREK" remains set for a prosperous future.


Chairman of the Board of Directors

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