AL MASHREK insurance & reinsurance SAL strongly believes that the confidence of its customer is its most valuable asset, and shall strive to enhance its Customers’ Satisfaction and nurture this confidence by:

- Creating a sense of belonging within its team so that they willingly give the best; and
- Creating a customer oriented attitude.

AL MASHREK insurance & reinsurance SAL core purpose is to contribute in improving people’s quality of life by providing highly efficient risk transfer mechanisms at equitable cost. People will remain at all times exposed to complex and changing risk environments and therefore we will always have much work to do.

AL MASHREK insurance & reinsurance SAL shall always seek to develop and refine its personnel’s know how to provide quality services by:

- Adhering to and continuously improving the Quality Management System that it has designed under ISO 9001:2008; and
- Boosting their competencies through trainings and seminars.

AL MASHREK insurance & reinsurance SAL Quality Policy is communicated to all its employees during their orientation, and training sessions, and is posted at conspicuous locations throughout the company premises. Internal audits are also used to ensure that the Quality Policy is understood and applied within the organization. Top Management shall review the policy statement periodically to ensure its continued suitability and shall use it as a framework for establishing quality objectives.

Chairman and CEO
Alexandre Matossian

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